Analysis of PS5 Shows a Magical World Awaiting Players

Frey Holland faces the challenge of athia in Forspoken
Frey Holland, from Luminous Productions’ upcoming IP Forspoken, has had a difficult life. After a series of run-ins with the law, she finds herself transported to a mysterious new land called Athia. There, she discovers she has magical abilities and the ability to parkour. She also learns of Athia’s Tear, an evil that has enveloped the land and threatens to take over.

Frey must face the challenge of saving Athia, despite the suspicion of its citizens and her own troubled past. Players of the title will enjoy a story full of humour and epic moments, as Frey discovers her true nature and works to protect the last stronghold of humanity. The story is told through conversations and cinematic scenes, with a cast of characters with unexpected twists and turns.

The combat and parkour systems add to the experience. Combat creates fast-paced fights, in which Frey attacks with spells and can strategically take advantages of her enemies weaknesses. Parkour is useful for navigating the world, as Frey can jump, run and climb environments with just two buttons.

Forspoken also introduces RPG mechanics, allowing players to improve spells and even craft potions in battle.

However, some aspects of the game fail to meet the standards of the next-gen. The open world is dotted with activities that do not provide much of an incentive and some mechanics feel outdated. Despite this, Forspoken is a successful title, with a unique story and fun and varied combat system, full of light and shadows.

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