AN to judge ‘Txapote’ and ‘Amaia’ for murder of PP councilor Zamarreño starting tomorrow


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On October 16, 2023, a police officer was seen at the entrance of the National Court in Madrid, Spain. The judge, Manuel García Castellón, is investigating orders made by BBVA to retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo. Today, the current president of the entity, Carlos Torres, is giving a statement as a witness to determine the existence of an effective culture of regulatory compliance and clarify the bank’s criminal responsibility.

The National Court is also judging former bosses of the terrorist group ETA, Javier García Gaztelu and Irantzu Gallastegi, for the bomb murder of a PP councilor in Rentería on June 25, 1998. The attack caused injuries to an Ertzaintza bodyguard. The Prosecutor’s Office is requesting 120 years in prison for each of them for various crimes related to the terrorist murder.

The Public Ministry states that the defendants received instructions from the terrorist group to kill members of the Popular Party and targeted Zamarreño. They placed an explosive device on a motorcycle, risking the lives of others, including the police officer who was escorting him. The device was activated in June 1998, causing the death of the ‘popular’ leader and injuring his bodyguard.

The National Court agreed to send the two former ETA heads to trial in September 2022. Both ‘Txapote’ and ‘Amaia’ have been convicted for their involvement in the kidnapping and murder of the PP councilor in Ermua in July 1997.

‘Txapote’ has an extensive criminal history, including the deaths of several individuals and attempted murders, as well as an attack against a nightclub. ‘Amaia’ is also sentenced to a cumulative sentence of 30 years for various crimes related to attacks and murders, possession of explosives, havoc, and terrorist arson. She is scheduled to serve three-quarters of her sentence in November of this year for killing Miguel Ángel Blanco, Fernando Múgica Herzog, and José Ignacio Iruretagoyena.

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