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An agreement to raise the debt ceiling with some budget cuts is close

An agreement to raise the debt ceiling with some budget cuts is close

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Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy move closer to raising the debt ceiling00:29

Florida officials solicit campaign contributions from Ron DeSantis via text messages00:32

They recommend that the Texas attorney general be impeached for violating state laws00:29

Ron DeSantis raises $8.2 million in the first 24 hours after launching his campaign02:27

AMLO wants Latinos “not to give a vote” to DeSantis because he is one of those who “persecute migrants”00:58

After Ron DeSantis’ rocky launch, analysts wonder if he can recover because “he’s late”02:10

Legislators pull their hair in the middle of the Bolivian parliament00:23

AMLO calls not to vote for Ron DeSantis in the upcoming US presidential elections.00:38

House Democrats Call for Raising the Debt Ceiling to a Vote00:26

Government Responds to Texas Lawsuit Against CBP One, Alleging Illegal Immigration Decrease00:26

These are Ron DeSantis’s opponents in the Republican primary00:40

With DeSantis already running, this Republican analyst believes the campaign is “going to be a bloodbath”04:01

Ron DeSantis chooses Twitter to announce the start of his campaign for the US presidency.00:28

Ron DeSantis’ Wife Posts Video About Her Husband’s Candidacy00:35

The unusual way for DeSantis to launch his candidacy: live on Twitter and with a billionaire01:46

Trump wishes Tim Scott good luck after announcing his candidacy for the Republican primary02:13

The debate over the debt ceiling “looks like one of those duels from the Wild West”01:40

A Republican-majority legislative committee votes to impeach the Texas attorney general (also a Republican)00:26

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Bessie Schrimsher
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