Amouranth Transforms TheGrefg into The Sims and Hosts Streamer Big Brother

Streamer House to Host Big Brother Amouranth with TheGrefg

The next episode of American Horror Stories promises to bring something new to the table. Many popular influencers and streamers will be living together in a shared house while doing their day-to-day activities as streamers. One of the peculiar elements of the show is that Big Brother Amouranth, the controversial North American influencer, will be represented with a character in The Sims.

To develop Big Brother Amouranth’s character, influencer Kaitlyn Siragusa collapsed on some of the photos from YouTube by referencing. Grefg was delighted with the design, saying “This suit is too athletic, this is better.” Following this, Grefg also surprised everyone by posting a tweet with questions and screenshots of the moment.

The Squib Games 2 of El Rubius offered a chance to Amouranth to be invited to be part of the Squid Craft Games 2. His invite was not welcomed by AuronPlay who openly criticised the decision. AuronPlay further criticised Amouranth with respect to his streams where he talks about the streamer who could buzz.

American Horror Story is sure to bring something truly unique when it comes to involving streamers and influencers in their episode. From Big Brother Amouranth’s character developed in The Sims to Grefg’s reaction in the show, viewers can expect an interesting blend of real life and virtual.

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