Amouranth Raves About ‘Big Brother’ of Streamers Featuring Grefg’s Sim Self

Amouranth and Gref G to feature in Streamer House’s Episode of American Horror Stories

The American Horror Stories is set to be the hottest streaming show this year with the cast of influencers set to create yet another exciting episode. As the world eyes with anticipation, the show is said to feature controversial North American influencer Amouranth in what’s being dubbed as ‘Streamer House’ where Gref G is also set to take part.

Amouranth (Kaitlyn Siragusa) recently took to a latest direct show to review the design of various influencers recreated through The Sims editor and perhaps the most exciting of which was Murcian streamer GrefG. The design was revealed in a tweet which also gave glimpses of the moment as “Grefg, it looks great,” She assures. “This suit is too athletic, this is better,” she adds after selecting a slightly more elegant outfit.

The show is set to star a stellar lineup alongside Gref G and one of them will be none other than Amouranth herself who looks to be having the time of her life. She has recreated these models based on the photos she sourced from YouTube and her fans are loving the results.

Not everyone though is excited at the prospect of Amouranth joining the show. AuronPlay, another streamer, recently took to social media to comment against the invitation given to Amouranth to join the Squid Craft Games 2 hosted by El Rubius. He terms the decision to invite Amouranth as “terrible” due to a controversy regarding IlloJuan earlier.

Streamer House looks to be a fun affair and one with many surprises this year. The fans are yet to find out what other surprises the show has in store.

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