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Amnesty International highlights the West’s racist double standard towards refugees

Amnesty International highlights the West’s racist double standard towards refugees

International Amnesty Report Highlights “Racist Double Standards” of Human Rights Violations

The annual report of International Amnesty has drawn attention to the “racist double standards” of the West when addressing different situations of human rights violations. The organization cited the different treatment that has been given to Ukrainian refugees compared to refugees from other countries of origin as an example.

Philip Luther, Senior Research and Policy Adviser at Amnesty International, emphasized that the West did not offer the same treatment to those fleeing war and repression in Syria and Afghanistan. He also pointed out that the United States, while critical of Russian aggression against Ukraine, hosted tens of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing the war. However, when proceeding with Haitian asylum seekers, they were arbitrarily detained and inflicted with humiliating ill-treatment amounting to racially motivated torture.

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The organization also highlighted that some measures taken against Russia, such as the UN General Assembly voting to condemn its actions in Ukraine and the opening of an investigation by the International Criminal Court into the crimes in Ukraine, have backfired in some places.

In addition, Luther pointed out that European states, among others, exhibited double standards because, while condemning Russia, they condoned or were complicit in serious violations committed by their allies, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel, among others. Last year, Russia was able to use its veto power in the UN Security Council, something that cannot be allowed. And it served to give voice to countries in situations that have traditionally been ignored, especially in the south of the planet.

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Amnesty International also called attention to the introduction of new laws to appease protests. The organization is calling on governments to stop using excessive force and to support negotiations to pass a new treaty to control trade in police equipment.

The report overall highlights the need for more consistency in how human rights violations are addressed and a call to end racist double standards. It also calls for greater focus on the treatment of refugees worldwide, and the need for European states and other countries to be held accountable for their human rights violations.

In conclusion, the report serves as a reminder that the world cannot continue to turn a blind eye to human rights violations and the consequences of our actions. We must work together to end these violations and ensure that all people are treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their country of origin or any other factor.

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