Amnesty International Condemns US for Ongoing Human Rights Violations in Mexico

Activists of Amnesty International protested in Mexico City this Wednesday (01.11.2023) denouncing that the US government continues to take part in serious human rights violations in the Guantánamo prison, 21 years after its opening. They urged President Joe Biden to “close the prison once and for all”.

Protests were conducted in front of the US Embassy in Mexico and later in the Angel of Independence, both located in central Reforma avenue of Mexico City. Amnesty International Mexico pointed out in a statement that the existence of the military detention center of Guantánamo “is an affront to the validity of human rights”.

According to AI, this detention center is a symbol of “abuse of human rights of prisoners”. AI expressed their concern for almost 780 Muslims that have been held in Guantánamo without charge or trial, 35 of whom remain.

AI accused the US of encouraging other countries to violate human rights by sustaining the Guantánamo prison and thus, diminishing its moral authority all over the world.

The organization called on Biden to close the Guantánamo center and propose solutions that respect human rights of the detainees.

AI believes that it is time to face the injustice of Guantánamo and urged Biden, “do the right thing, close Guantanamo once and for all”.

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