America stays at Azteca; I’ll keep playing at Colossus


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The Eagles will continue playing at the Colossus of Santa Úrsula for a while longer this year. The América club’s move to a new stadium seems unlikely to happen during the Clausura 2024 season. Despite Cruz Azul already moving from the Azteca Stadium, América is determined to stay put until remodeling works affect their schedule.

It was initially announced that América’s match against Rayados on Matchday 5 would be their last game at the Coloso de Santa Úrsula. However, it now seems that the team will continue playing at home for as long as the remodeling works allow.

The Azteca Stadium’s owners announced in 2023 that the venue would close in 2024 to begin remodeling works in preparation for the 2026 World Cup. The stadium must meet certain requirements set by FIFA, and the renovations were scheduled to begin at the beginning of the year.

Despite these plans, Club América is refusing to leave the Azteca Stadium. According to ESPN, they are set to continue playing at the venue for the remainder of Clausura 2024.

The board of directors of the Coapa squad is considering the viability of staying at the Azteca Stadium for the duration of the tournament. They are looking into the possibility of finding a new stadium after Clausura 2024 ends.

This decision would be made in consultation with the stadium’s logistics and the company responsible for the remodeling. There are possibilities for the works to be carried out without affecting the sports venue’s remodeling project. The adjustments to the stadium will be done in stages, prioritizing works that do not harm the field and stands area.

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