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Amazon Introduces $5 Monthly Subscription for Basic Medicine

Amazon Introduces  Monthly Subscription for Basic Medicine

Amazon launches new service RxPass to treat the most common diseases at a flat cost of $5 per month

Amazon, the leading company in online commerce, has launched a new service of 5 dollars a month called RxPass, with the intention of providing access to the most commonly prescribed generic drugs that treat 80% of the most common diseases. This new “pharmaceutical pass” is only currently accessible to Amazon Prime holders in most US states and does not hide any fees or surcharges, according to their statement.

The service will benefit customers by saving on pharmacy visits, a feature that Amazon’s service, Amazon Pharmacy created in 2020, already provides. Existing health insurance is not required to subscribe to RxPass, however if the patient has chronic diseases and needs more than two medications per month, they may avail of a discounted alternative that does not include access to the RxPass service.

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In addition, last November, Amazon had already launched “Amazon Clinic”, an online basic medical care service that promises access to a doctor or paramedic without appointments or waiting rooms, to treat relatively common problems such as urinary tract infections, headaches, hair loss, allergies, dandruff or contraception.

With the launch of Amazon Clinic and Amazon Pharmacy, the technology giant is making a move to penetrate a vital sector in the US, where families are forced to spend a large amount of their resources on medical expenses due to their lack of a proper social security system.

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