Álvaro Uribe wows on commercial flight: even pilot impressed


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Former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe Vélez recently caused a stir on a commercial flight from Rionegro to Montería. Passengers and the pilot were excited to have the former president on board, with some passengers even asking for a photo with him. The pilot went as far as to praise Uribe, calling him the best president of all time in Colombia.

A video of the pilot’s admiration for Uribe circulated on social media, prompting mixed reactions from internet users. Some expressed confusion over the fanaticism, while others praised Uribe for the positive changes he brought to Colombia. The former president’s presence on the flight was not the first time he had received such praise. In April 2023, he surprised passengers on a flight to San Andrés, traveling in economy class and taking photos with travelers.

In addition to his recent flight, Uribe has publicly expressed his support for his brother Santiago Uribe, who is currently in prison for alleged ties to the paramilitary group The 12 Apostles. The former president has questioned the basis of the accusations against his brother, suggesting that they may be politically motivated.

Uribe’s statements have reignited political polarization and the paramilitary conflict in Colombia, sparking reactions from various sectors of society and politics. He has emphasized the lack of evidence against his brother and questioned the credibility of witnesses who have testified against him.

Overall, Uribe’s recent flight and public support for his brother have once again brought attention to the complex political and social issues in Colombia, highlighting the ongoing challenges facing the country.

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