Alonso’s Hyper Focus: The Plan to Get 33


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Fernando Alonso is known for being a great driver, but he also has other talents that he uses to his advantage. One of these talents is his ability to come up with catchy slogans. In recent years, he has used slogans like El Plan, La 33, and now Hyper Focus. He uses these slogans to motivate himself and visualize winning races and fighting for World Cups.

Alonso is determined to break a spell that has lasted for over a decade since his last victory at the Spanish Grand Prix in 2013. Last year, he came close to ending the spell, but was thwarted by Max Verstappen. Despite this, Alonso remains as motivated as ever.

As the new season approaches, Alonso and his team, Aston Martin, are already feeling the adrenaline. He is constantly thinking of ways to improve as a driver and how to be faster behind the wheel. He believes that to win in Formula 1, you have to be extremely focused and committed, which is why he is now using the term “hyper focused” to describe his approach.

Alonso emphasizes the importance of always being curious and motivated to learn and improve as a driver. He believes that in order to be successful in Formula 1, you need to be hyper focused and give that extra commitment and determination. This is the mindset he is adopting as he prepares for the upcoming season.

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