Alonso’s 2024 Aston Martin AMR24: Red Bull Style


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Aston Martin recently unveiled the new AMR24, which is the car that Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll will be driving this season. The technical director, Dan Fallows, has described the car as a continuous model, but the initial impression suggests otherwise. The new Aston Martin AMR24 features a front nose that is reminiscent of last year’s Red Bull RB19, with a more streamlined and sharpened design. The structure of the car has been completely reworked compared to the previous model.

In the lateral area, the AMR24 follows the design of the cars from Milton Keynes, with reduced pontoons and a minimalist style. The lower lip of the entrance to the radiators is positioned in front of the upper one, similar to the new Visa Cash RB. The floor of the car also features new elements, with a more pronounced channel between the sidepods and the floor, following the design philosophy of Newey.

The upper area of the pontoons maintains the cooling gills, but with a more pronounced design. The intake intake has been remodeled, resembling that of Red Bull, and the rear suspensions have been changed from a ‘pull rod’ system to a ‘push rod’ system, influenced by the new Mercedes gearbox.

The ground and rear suspensions are crucial for the efficiency of ground effect cars, and Aston Martin has made significant changes to imitate the champions of the last two years. The performance of the AMR24 will be put to the test at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Instead of a traditional event, Aston Martin opted for an online presentation of the AMR24, along with a short video. The car was then taken directly to the Silverstone circuit, where Alonso and Stroll completed the first 200 km with the car. This unique approach to the car’s unveiling reflects Aston Martin’s commitment to performance and innovation in Formula 1.

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