Alonso Outperforms Verstappen in 2023: Data Revealed


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Fernando Alonso has had a great debut season with Aston Martin, and F1 recently shared a graphic on social media to highlight his impressive improvement compared to the previous year. In 2022, Alonso only achieved 81 points during his second and final year with Alpine. The A522 car failed on too many occasions, leading to an inconsistent performance for the Spanish driver.

Unsatisfied with the renewal proposal from Alpine, Alonso made the decision to switch to Aston Martin, where he was offered a two-year contract. This move has proven to be a successful one for the two-time champion, as he has achieved eight podium finishes and a total of 206 points in the 2023 season, marking a significant improvement from the previous year.

Alonso’s performance improvement is particularly noteworthy when compared to other drivers. Even Max Verstappen, who had a dominant season with 19 victories and a total of 575 points, only saw an increase of 121 points from the previous year. In contrast, Alonso’s improvement of 125 points is the highest among all drivers on the grid.

Other drivers who have seen significant improvements in their performance include Lando Norris, who gained 83 points, and Lance Stroll, who gained 56 points. Both drivers benefited from the strong performance of their respective cars provided by McLaren and Aston Martin. On the other hand, Charles Leclerc and George Russell experienced the most significant declines in their performance, with Leclerc losing 102 points and Russell losing 100 points compared to the previous year.

Overall, Alonso’s impressive improvement in the 2023 season has solidified his position as a competitive and skilled driver in the world of Formula 1. His success with Aston Martin has proven to be a smart career move, and fans can look forward to seeing more from him in the upcoming seasons.

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