Alonso Delays Contract Renewal with Aston Martin


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On Monday, February 12, Fernando Alonso will be presented with Aston Martin and his second car with the British brand, the AMR24. The bombshell news about Lewis Hamilton and his signing for Ferrari also affects him, like almost all the drivers on the grid, except George Russell, since the seat vacated by the seven-time champion is one of the most coveted in the race.

As MARCA has learned, Fernando has not yet sat down to renew with the directors of the Silverstone team, as it is not a matter that is in a hurry for him at the moment and because the panorama of stability that was sensed for the next few years in the paddock, has been blown up. This being the case, Alonso prefers to see what the new car is like, the possibilities of success that it can provide, something that he will already know after the Bahrain tests and see the line of evolution of the car, which last year left some important doubts to mid-season.

For various reasons, it was one of the cars that made the most progress in the winter and one of the least throughout the 22 races. Two separate lines in 2023 It has also been known that there were certain divergences regarding the line of evolution to follow in the last year’s car. The track engineers, such as performance manager Tom McCullough, were in favor of one and at the factory, Fallows’ team and his team were betting on a different one. In the Austin and Mexico events they even had to mix old parts with those they arrived for those events and carry out a series of comparative tests between the car driven by the Asturian and that of Lance Stroll. Then, in Brazil, the Oviedo driver’s eighth podium would arrive, with the conclusions that seem to have been obtained.

The 2024 car will be different, since it seems that the 2023 concept has reached a dead end and that important new features will have to be provided to do so. competitive again. If Dan Fallows manages to give it his own air, not only with the ideas with which he arrived from Red Bull, it is something that will be known in the initial part of the season. where the competition from Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren seems really close behind Red Bull.

Alonso is very comfortable in Aston Martin, but what he sees from here until the summer, the true moment of renewals or new signings. In theory, Alonso signed for two years, extendable for longer if both parties were satisfied, so they should announce the possible renewal throughout 2025. And what happens with Mercedes? On paper, there is a relationship that has never been good between Alonso and Toto Wolff, in addition to the espionage affair in 2007 (when he was Mercedes he was a partner of McLaren) which the Austrian says they have not yet forgotten. But reality and Hamilton’s coup, along with Toto’s possible ‘thirst for revenge’, may spark an unexpected alliance. The phrase in which he said, “I don’t know if we will opt for an experienced pilot or a young one”, has been interpreted by many media as an open door to having the 42-year-old pilot, in top shape at the moment. Fernando’s relationship with George Russell, with whom he spent New Year’s Eve 2023, has been excellent for several years. If the offer from Mercedes arrived, it is very likely that Alonso would say yes. It is a matter of little time before they have a winning car again and those with the star finished ahead of Aston Martin, despite having their best car in recent years, in the Constructors’ World Championship. The dimensions of both teams are not yet comparable, although Lawrence Stroll seems determined to turn Aston into a great team.

As for Red Bull and the commotion that arose last year in Brazil, when some journalists suggested that it could be an option for Fernando if they do not renew Checo PĂ©rez, the possibility is not closed either, in this case for 2025. Of course, those from Milton Keynes are immersed in an internal crisis with the open investigation into Christian Horner and the publication of various information that speak of a Verstappen-Marko faction, opposed to that of Horner-Newey, on whose result the line that the team acquires may depend. Newey, the great technical guru of the current F1, has expressed his regret for never having worked with the two-time champion and the same thing happens to him. He would like to close his career with this team if possible, although that option may not depend on him in the end.

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