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Almeida: These are national elections, each vote for the PP is a vote to evict Sánchez

Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida (Madrid, 1975) he does not say it but he knows it: tomorrow, Sunday, he will have an absolute majority. “Or almost”, as he himself is in charge of adding fibs. The trackings from the headquarters popular 13 have been going crazy for a couple of weeks with unstoppable rises throughout Spain in general, and in Madrid in particular, in a sort of tectonic movement similar to the one experienced in the days prior to the Andalusian regional elections, where Juanma Moreno’s PP passed in barely 10 days of the 45-47 seats that all the polls unanimously granted to the 58 of the absolute majority of that D-Day that was on June 19. One of the places where things are going better is Madrid Comunidad and Madrid city. about Isabel Diaz Ayuso Not even his most bitter enemies dispute it: it will be a historic result; the PP candidate in Villa y Corte is another story. There are those who still place him 10 points behind his co-religionist and regional party president, in the case of the CIS of the embezzler Tezanos, which is a physical and metaphysical impossibility: people do not change their ballots so much when they go to the polls. He takes it philosophically, waiting to be able to serve revenge on a boiling plate tomorrow. Pay attention to the dedications that he will release tomorrow night from the balcony of Genoa 13.

QUESTION.- What result do you expect this Sunday? The trackings They give the PP a significant rise, are they already in seat 29 that would grant them an absolute majority?

ANSWER.- We are so close. I believe that this campaign has been very good for the PP and really bad for the PSOE. A vast majority of people from Madrid bet that the PP can have a large or absolute majority in the City Council and in the Community. And that will depend on our being able to mobilize all our voters, on our going en masse to vote. In this way, that broad majority could be given that allows us to have a solid and strong government. And we must remember that they are municipal elections, but they are also national elections. Each vote for the PP is a vote against sanchismo, which will allow the eviction of Pedro Sánchez from La Moncloa. These are the elections that are going to make it possible for the PP to once again be the leading force at the national level and for Sánchez to stop repeating that he has been winning the elections since 2018.

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Q.- Voting for Ciudadanos is voting for the extreme left? It is evident that Begoña Villacís is not from the extreme left, but votes for the right could be lost and that the extreme left reoccupy this office.

R.- I understand that those who voted for Ciudadanos left in their day, but now they have plenty of reasons to return. They will feel identified and recognized in this project, which absorbs their main aspirations. And, secondly, there is no risk that this vote will not be useful. Only from unity will we be able to face sanchismo. That is why I tell the voters of Ciudadanos to be aware that there is much more that unites us than what separates us and that with Pedro Sánchez we have a very serious problem in democratic terms and the degradation of our model of coexistence. All of us who think that we can live in Spain thinking differently have to unite around the only option that can beat Pedro Sánchez. And we are capable of doing it from a project in which they can feel protected. In the debate I asked Begoña Villacís, with whom I have a good relationship, if she was thinking of agreeing with the PSOE and Más Madrid, and she did not respond. She refused to commit to not agreeing with Sanchismo -which is Reyes Maroto- or with Yolanda Díaz, which is Más Madrid. So her voters must take into account that in the hypothetical case that she enters the City Council, she does not rule out agreeing with the left.

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Q.- Is that message of the useful vote also transferred to Vox voters?

R.- Definitely. Vox voters, whom I respect enormously, voted for that party so that it would be useful, so that it would have weight in the decisions of the City Council. And Javier Ortega Smith has given up on that. He resigned from sitting down to negotiate the Budgets and voted against the modification of urban regulations together with Rita Maestre. I will not be the one to say that a sanitary cordon must be established for Vox. I am mayor thanks to your votes. But I tell your voters that voting for the Popular Party is a guarantee against the left and also to make the decisions that Ortega Smith has blocked in this City Council.

Q.- Jorge Azcón, president of the Popular Party of Aragon and, probably, the new president of this autonomous community, has said that he does not rule out agreeing with the PSOE, do you agree not to agree with sanchismo?

R.- It is that with sanchismo it is impossible to agree. And even more so when his envoy is Reyes Maroto. That does not mean that in a Town Hall they cannot talk to each other, that is healthy. But agreeing with Sanchismo in Madrid is tremendously complicated. And I also tell him that Jorge Azcón is going to be the next president of Aragon and a great president.

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Q.- In Aragon, precisely, the PP has denounced increases in the census of small municipalities, even doubling those of previous years. Is this also happening in Madrid?

R.- No, we are not aware of an inflation of the electoral census in the city of Madrid or in other Madrid municipalities.

P.- Fear one pout in these elections?

R.- No, I think that, regardless of Melilla or Mojácar, we cannot have the feeling that this is something generalized. Mojácar is an important municipality, but it has 4,000 inhabitants. Vote buying has been detected in Melilla and has been stopped. We have to send a message of confidence that, barring these alarming issues, our electoral system and our institutions are strong enough to withstand situations of these characteristics.

Q.- Is Indra reliable? It is a government controlled company.

R.- But it does not count the votes. The recount is done at the polling stations and from there it is transferred to the Electoral Board. Indra does the data aggregation. We, as a party, have sufficient mechanisms to guarantee that the count of the tables is the one that reaches the Board and that it is confirmed as a result.

Q.- Has the Madrid census experienced growth?

R.- 55,000 more inhabitants, according to the 2022 register, which is the one determined by the electoral census.

Q.- And are there strange things in that register?

R.- No no no…

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