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Almeida: «In the corruption of the PSOE there is a common thread that is prostitution and white powder»

Candidates arrested for buying votes from immigrants and drug addicts, imputed for kidnapping the number two of the party in Andalusia, irregular registrations… The final stretch for the municipal and regional elections this Sunday has been marked by the scandals of the Socialist Party. In this abrupt end to the campaign, the mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeidadefends the maximum electoral mobilization to evict the PSOE of Sánchez de La Moncloa: “It is the degradation of the Rule of Law and our democratic system,” he answers emphatically in this interview with OKDIARIO.

QUESTION.- What do you think of the PSOE vote-buying plot? Mojácar is not just any municipality. It is the summer resort of Pedro Sánchez, who said that his ideal destination to get lost was “Mojácar, always Mojácar”. A few days ago, Minister Félix Bolaños was sponsoring the candidate, who has two members of his list in custody. And Patxi López also made a video supporting the candidacy vote stealer, Do you think the President of the Government or the PSOE knew anything about all this?

ANSWER.- I believe that it is necessary to arrive until the last consequences. The Mojácar PSOE has organized a plot to buy votes and give the mayoralty to Manolo [Manuel Zamora, candidato del PSOE a la Alcaldía de esta localidad], as Félix Bolaños calls him, who said a few days ago that his sense of smell gave him that he was going to be mayor. He could already have given him the nose to find out that there was a corrupt plot to buy votes by the PSOE. Of course, they should remove any suspicion. It is not enough that he number 2 and the number 5 say that they are not going to collect the minutes. This reminds me of Bildu. Those with blood crimes are leaving, but there are 37 who helped them hold their guns, kidnap and extort money. Here, to Manolo They should kill him immediately. It seems strange that the number 1 I had no idea about the list. Therefore, he would agree that Pedro Sánchez clear up any suspicion of irregularity or collusion. And the best way, without a doubt, is that Manolo stop being number one for Mojácar.

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Q.- I think the entire list would have to resign, because they are stealing votes.

R.- The entire list, of course. Once it has been accredited, the entire list should be withdrawn. But it is also that Coalition for Melilla are partners of Pedro Sánchez. I always say that people in life are known by their friends and in politics, by their partners. And Sánchez’s partners are the Coalición por Melilla, Bildu, ERC, Junts… That is Pedro Sánchez in politics.

Q.- I ask you to do an intellectual charity work with Reyes Maroto, could you explain the difference between IBI and VAT?

R.- This is what happens when they launch a candidate who does not want to come. When we hear that in the debate, the rest of the candidates look at each other saying “it’s not possible, did the IBI say about water, electricity, gas?” Reyes Maroto made his debut in the campaign by saying that in Madrid there were 25 districts, and there are 21. I tell him to persevere and that when they get the catastrophic electoral result that they are going to get this Sunday, he should not run away like all his predecessors did.

Q.- Can you be mayoress of Madrid without knowing how to distinguish the IBI from the VAT?

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R.- It’s complicated. Managing a Town Hall requires in-depth knowledge. And, in view of what happened in the debate, it seems complicated that there was a previous study on the IBI and VAT. She has been saying that she has been Pedro Sánchez’s minister for five years and that this is her great endorsement because she has an accredited management. She is the worst minister of 22 in budget execution. Irene Montero, Garzón or Belarra execute more than her. She is the envoy of sanchismo to Madrid. But it is that the IBI was not his only blunder. He said that in Madrid the air quality limits are not met, but it is the first time we have met them! He proposed that the bus pass be free for young people, and it has not existed for years.

Q.- Can you influence the fact that you don’t know so many things about Madrid that you are a neighbor of Alcorcón?

R.- Madrid is a welcoming and open city, and we welcome anyone who comes to live or work. But it is true that Reyes Maroto lives in Alcorcón and that makes it considerably difficult for him to get to know the day-to-day reality of Madrid. He came from Alcorcón to the ministry in the official car, and from there he went back to his home. You shouldn’t judge anyone based on where they live, but it is true that living in Alcorcón it is more difficult to understand the day-to-day reality of a city like Madrid.

Q.- Would you agree with the PSOE, which has ETA as partners, the Catalan coup leaders, the vote thieves from Melilla? They even steal votes in Mojácar and have accused the ‘number 2’ in Andalusia for attempted kidnapping. I insist, would you agree with a party with frustrated kidnappers, vote thieves and associates of terrorists and coup plotters?

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R.- And don’t forget the Tito Berni. I can only tell you one thing: for an opponent like me it is fascinating to follow the Penal Code thanks to the PSOE, because quite a few articles have been reviewed lately. From the ERE, to the Tito Berni, the reduction of embezzlement, the elimination of sedition… Sanchismo is the degradation of the rule of law and our democratic system. We have to get him to leave the Government of Spain as soon as possible. And we have an opportunity on May 28.

Q.- The Socialist Party in the Canary Islands sneaked Taishet Fuentes, nephew of Bernardo Fuentes, the Tito Berni, who is accused of a crime as serious for a politician as bribery, apart from the fact that he went to prostitutes. What do you think?

R.- In the corruption of the PSOE there is a common thread that is prostitution and white powder. From Luis Roldán to the ERE and the Tito Berni… What can we say about the ERE, where they burned the tickets to roast cows and went through brothels, and where there was also cocaine. And what are we going to say about Tito Berni.

Q.- The PSOE has already realized that OKDIARIO has caught them with the video and has deleted it.

R.- They have also deleted Bolaños’s visit to Mojácar and do not rule out that they also try to make the video of Sánchez’s “Mojácar, always Mojácar” disappear.

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