Almeida: As an athlete, I try to see Neptuno from my office, but it’s complicated


Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida, mayor of Madrid and self-confessed athlete, recognizes the “task” that the location of his office in the imposing Palacio de Cibeles entails. In this interview with OKDIARIO, the PP candidate for re-election also talks about the controversy with Vinicius. Resounding in his condemnation of racism, he offers all the institutional support to Real Madrid to eradicate this behavior from the world of football.

EDUARDO INDA.- It must be a chore to work in this office and have this view, the statue of the goddess Cibeles.

JOSÉ LUIS MARTÍNEZ-ALMEIDA.- Considering that I am the talisman, As you baptized me, from Real Madrid…

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QUESTION.- But what do you think when you see it? Being athletic as he is…

ANSWER.- We are among the most beautiful squares in Madrid and it is a privilege to be in this office, to be able to lean out and see the Bank of Spain, the Army Headquarters, the Casa de América and the fountain… What I try from time to time is to turn the neck to see Neptune in the background. But it is very complicated. You can see it from Mr. Carabante’s terrace and from time to time I go (laughs).

Q.- How will Atleti be in the League?

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R.- Although people don’t believe me, every victory for Real Madrid is a victory for this city. But this year we have given the League to Barça. Other years Enríquez Negreira was involved… but not this year and the two teams from Madrid have given Barça the League, we have made it very cheap. It seems that we do not want to compete. We have met our objective, but I think Real Madrid will finish second.

Q.- Do you think of a tribute to Vinicius in the Madrid City Hall?

R.- We are willing to speak with Real Madrid for any act that they consider could help eradicate racism and, therefore, support Vinicius.

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P.- Have you considered giving it some kind of municipal distinction?

R.- I have to admit that I am still very involved in the electoral campaign and I had not considered it. But, I insist, we offer Real Madrid any institutional support that they consider can help eradicate racism and, specifically, Vinicius. We will be there.

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