Alleged Millionaire Divorce Settlement: Thalía Could Receive Substantial Sum from Tommy Mottola


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Thalía’s Possible Million-Dollar Divorce from Tommy Mottola

Rumors about a possible crisis in the 23-year marriage of Thalía and Tommy Mottola have fueled speculation about the financial consequences of a divorce, including the alleged amount of money the Mexican singer and actress could receive. According to media reports such as El Universal, Thalía could reportedly get $100 million for alleged maintenance and inheritance concepts for her two children, Sabrina and Matthew, from her husband. The fortune of Mottola, a 74-year-old American tycoon, would allegedly be worth $200 million, meaning that the four children he has by Thalía and his former wife, Lisa Clark, could also claim a share of the wealth.

Thalía, who has had a long and successful career in music, acting, and business, has not confirmed the rumors of a separation or commented on the financial implications. However, new reports suggest that the couple is still together and in love, despite the recent controversy. In fact, Tommy Mottola posted a series of photos and videos on Instagram on Valentine’s Day, including some images of the couple with the Estefan family, who are close friends of Thalía and her husband.

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The dinner with the Estefans seems to have put to rest some of the rumors spread by tabloids and gossip shows, such as the claim that Mottola had an affair with the Peruvian singer Leslie Shaw. Although Shaw denied any relationship with Mottola and expressed respect for Thalía, the rumor persisted until Mottola’s public statements and gestures of affection towards his wife. The dinner also showed that Thalía and Matthew Alejandro, their 11-year-old son, were present and having a good time with their hosts.

While the financial implications of a possible divorce are still unclear, as Thalía and Mottola have not confirmed or denied the rumor, it is evident that their relationship has endured ups and downs, controversies and scandals, for more than two decades. Thalía, who started her career in Mexico as a child actress and has since become an international star, has faced other challenges in her personal life, including health issues and the loss of family members. However, she has also celebrated new projects, such as her upcoming album and her participation as a judge in the Telemundo show ‘La Voz’.

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Whether Thalía and Mottola decide to stay together or part ways, their story highlights the complexities of fame, fortune, and family bonds. While some may focus on the material gains and losses of a divorce, others may appreciate the human connections that endure and evolve over time. For Thalía and Mottola, their love story may continue to be a source of inspiration for their fans and followers, who have witnessed their journey from Marimar to Instagram.


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