Alex Murdaugh’s request for a new trial denied


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Alex Murdaugh’s case has been a topic of much discussion and controversy. A juror who found him guilty of murdering his wife and son testified that a court aide made comments about the trial that influenced her decision. She claimed that the aide’s comments made Murdaugh look guilty. However, other jurors testified that their decision to convict Murdaugh was based solely on testimony, evidence, and the law. They said that the aide’s instructions did not influence their decision.

During the hearing, the juror reiterated that the court aide instructed the jury to pay close attention to Murdaugh’s appearance and demeanor when testifying at trial. She felt pressured by the other jurors to vote in favor of finding Murdaugh guilty, even though she had doubts about his guilt. However, the other 11 jurors testified that they were not influenced by the aide’s instructions and that their decision was based on the evidence presented in court.

Colleton County Clerk Becky Hill, who was accused of influencing the jury, testified that she never spoke to the jury about the case or Murdaugh. Another witness spoke about Hill’s behavior, claiming that she suggested writing a book about the case before the trial and that a guilty verdict would sell more books. However, the witness did not believe that Hill’s comments or behavior amounted to misconduct.

In South Carolina, a guilty verdict must be unanimous. Murdaugh, now a convicted murderer, a lawyer stripped of his license, and a confessed thief serving a life sentence, watched dressed in an orange prison uniform alongside his lawyers. Even if Murdaugh gets a new murder trial, he won’t walk free, as he is also serving a 27-year sentence after admitting to stealing $12 million from his law firm and from settlements he obtained for clients in wrongful death and serious injury lawsuits.

Murdaugh has remained adamant that he did not kill his youngest son Paul and his wife Maggie. He testified in his own defense and has not even begun the periodic appeals of his sentence, where his lawyers are expected to argue various reasons why his murder trial was unfair. They said this allowed prosecutors to smear Murdaugh with evidence not directly related to the murders. The case has been exhaustively covered by true crime shows, podcasts, and bloggers, and has garnered significant attention.

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