Alberto Fernández denounces Milei’s “unacceptable attack” on Petro


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Argentine President Alberto Fernandez recently spoke in an exclusive interview with Xinhua in Buenos Aires, Argentina, about the impact of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on his country. He emphasized that the BRI has contributed to the development of Argentina and has served as an example of the unconditional multilateralism that China promotes globally.

Fernandez expressed his regret over the “inadmissible grievance” made by his successor, Javier Milei, against the Colombian president, Gustavo Petro. Milei referred to Petro as a “murderous communist,” which Fernandez condemned as an insult.

Fernandez highlighted the importance of respecting other leaders and their commitment to their people, as well as their efforts to strengthen Latin American unity. He emphasized the need for unity and collaboration in the face of globalization, and criticized any disqualification of others.

In response to Milei’s comments, Fernandez expressed his solidarity with Gustavo Petro and called for respect for the will of the Colombian people who elected him as their leader. The Colombian Foreign Ministry called its ambassador to Argentina for consultations following the controversy.

Gustavo Petro responded to Milei’s comments by stating that Milei “has no idea what communism is.” This exchange of words between political leaders has sparked a diplomatic dispute between Argentina and Colombia.

The incident highlights the importance of diplomatic relations and the need for mutual respect among leaders. It also underscores the impact of political rhetoric on international relations and the potential consequences of inflammatory language.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding the comments made by Javier Milei and the response from Gustavo Petro serves as a reminder of the significance of diplomatic decorum and the need for respectful dialogue between leaders. It also sheds light on the complexities of international relations and the potential repercussions of inflammatory language in the political arena.

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