Albares to visit Algeria to improve diplomatic ties


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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, is set to visit Algiers on Monday at the invitation of his counterpart, Ahmed Attaf. The purpose of the visit is to work towards rebuilding the relationship between Spain and Algeria following the 2022 crisis.

This trip marks the first high-level visit to Algeria since the Spanish government expressed its support for the Moroccan Executive’s proposal for the autonomy of the Sahara in March 2022. This decision led to Algeria withdrawing its ambassador from Spain and later, in June 2022, breaking the Good Neighbor Treaty that had been signed twenty years prior due to what it deemed an “unjustifiable” position.

After a year and a half of strained relations, Spain and Algeria have taken steps to restore diplomatic ties, with the arrival of the Algerian ambassador in November 2022 being a significant development. Additionally, during the Conference of Ambassadors in Madrid in January of this year, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez emphasized the importance of consolidating the relationship with Algeria, describing it as a “friendly country.”

The visit to Algiers is an important step in the process of rebuilding trust and cooperation between the two countries. It is an opportunity for both sides to engage in dialogue and find common ground on issues that have strained their relationship in the past.

The Spanish government is committed to repairing the damage caused by the 2022 crisis and is eager to work towards a more positive and constructive relationship with Algeria. The visit by Minister Albares is a demonstration of this commitment and a sign of the importance that Spain places on its relationship with Algeria.

During the visit, Minister Albares will engage in discussions with his Algerian counterpart on a range of issues, including political, economic, and cultural cooperation. Both countries have a shared interest in promoting stability and prosperity in the region, and this visit presents an opportunity to explore areas of mutual benefit and collaboration.

In addition to bilateral discussions, the visit will also provide an opportunity for Minister Albares to meet with other key stakeholders in Algeria, including government officials, business leaders, and civil society representatives. These meetings will help to further strengthen the ties between the two countries and create opportunities for future cooperation.

Overall, the visit to Algiers represents a significant step forward in the efforts to rebuild the relationship between Spain and Algeria. It is a demonstration of the commitment of both countries to overcoming past challenges and working towards a more positive and mutually beneficial partnership. As the Minister of Foreign Affairs embarks on this important visit, there is optimism that it will pave the way for a new chapter in the relationship between Spain and Algeria.

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