Aislinn Derbez removes content amid controversy on disease origins


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Aislinn Derbez has been hosting a podcast for several years, covering a variety of topics and even featuring her brother, José Eduardo, as a guest. However, she recently sparked controversy by inviting Nirdosh Kohra, a doctor who promotes Bodhi Medicine, which unifies alternative and traditional medicine to cure diseases.

The controversy arose after an episode of the podcast titled “The Root of Diseases and How to Stop Them,” in which Kohra discussed his perspective on alternative treatments for diseases. This approach has sparked debate on social media, with some accusing Derbez of spreading information not supported by science.

In response to the criticism, Derbez defended the concepts shared in her program, highlighting how the implementation of these learnings allowed her to overcome various ailments in the last six months. However, the controversy has attracted criticism, especially from an influencer known as Mr Doctor, who posted a video of a conversation with Derbez, in which she defends the research and production behind the controversial episode.

Despite the backlash, The Magic of Chaos, under the direction of Derbez, has positioned itself as a space that examines a range of topics including alternative medicine, meditation, and personal experiences, offering a platform to discuss unconventional healing methods.

The controversy surrounding the episode has led to the deletion of the reels of the interview on Instagram, although the full episode is still available on YouTube. The removal of the reels has been celebrated by some, who believe that the dissemination of Nirdosh Kohra’s ideas is harmful.

Aislinn Derbez has not issued any statement regarding the partial elimination of the content and has not announced whether the podcast will also remain hidden or deleted in the future. Instead, she has focused on her new projects, which are unrelated to the controversial episode.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Aislinn Derbez’s podcast episode featuring Nirdosh Kohra has sparked debate about alternative treatments for diseases. Despite the criticism, Derbez has defended the concepts shared in her program and continues to explore a range of topics related to alternative medicine and unconventional healing methods.

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