Aislinn Derbez defends promoting body’s ability to heal itself


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Aislinn Derbez recently had to defend herself against harsh criticism and clarify what happened on her digital show. On January 16, she had a guest doctor, surgeon Yonatan Eidels Huber (Nirdosh Kohra), on her podcast. They discussed Bodhi Medicine, which is a current of “alternative medicine” that “integrates the 5 biological laws” to “understand the root” of discomfort. The doctor claimed that the body can heal itself from almost anything and that 80% of diseases are actually healing processes. This led to criticism and accusations against Aislinn Derbez for “misinforming” and being against allopathic medicine.

In response to the accusations, Aislinn Derbez posted a video on Instagram to defend herself. She explained that she takes her work seriously and carefully chooses her podcast guests. She clarified that the intention of her podcast has always been to question what is believed as ‘absolute truth’ and open dialogue around new paradigms. She emphasized that she has never promoted that allopathic medicine does not work and that she values the scientific and technological advances it offers.

Aislinn Derbez addressed the controversy that arose from her comments and those of the specialist, stating that it shows the need to break paradigms and see health as a cluster of emotional, mental, and physical factors. She shared that she has been studying and practicing the information promoted by Dr. Nirdosh for over a year and has seen wonderful results. However, she acknowledged that what she has learned may not work for everyone.

The actress’s response generated further controversy, with both supportive and opposing comments on her post. She did not immediately respond to the reactions from her followers.

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