Airport worker sacked for writing lewd message on infant’s luggage


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An airport worker was fired after a passenger found an obscene message written on his 7-month-old son’s suitcase. Mario Lucas was upset after discovering the message “c—- stop checking in late” on the front of his child’s suitcase. He and his family had checked in for their flight to Paphos, Cyprus just 90 minutes before boarding. Upon returning to Cyprus, Lucas noticed the message on his son’s suitcase while waiting at baggage claim.

Lucas immediately contacted Ryanair to file a report and demanded another suitcase. He expressed his disappointment as the suitcase was brand new. After speaking with Ryanair, the airline’s contractor made a statement condemning the act and said they had a “zero-tolerance policy for offensive behavior.”

The contractor, ABM Blue Handling, reported the incident, immediately investigated, and the individual involved was dismissed. They contacted Lucas to extend an apology and reiterated their zero-tolerance policy for offensive behavior. Lucas was surprised by the marking as no Ryanair employees had confronted him over his check-in time. He claimed that one employee at the desk even said, “Everything was fine.” He mentioned that it was not the recommended two hours but he had definitely checked in later and had no issues at check-in.

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