Airlines kick off Barranquilla Carnival with exciting travel updates


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The Barranquilla Carnival is one of the most important festivities in Colombia, and it is getting ready to kick off on Saturday, February 10. This three-day celebration promises to bring an atmosphere of joy and culture to the city. The Battle of Flowers will be the first event, featuring a parade that will travel four kilometers from Calle 85 to the Puente de la María along Vía 40. This iconic parade showcases the cultural diversity of the Carnival, with joy, music, dances, troupes, costumes, queens, and orchestras.

Given the expected influx of visitors, airlines Wingo and Avianca have announced special measures to facilitate travel to Barranquilla. Wingo has increased the weight limit for checked baggage at no additional cost, allowing passengers to carry 23 kilograms per suitcase. They have also introduced a new fare category, Go Standard, for passengers who prefer to travel light with only one personal item and a cabin suitcase of up to 12 kilograms. Avianca, on the other hand, has announced more than 88,000 seats on flights to and from Barranquilla between February 5 and 17, with 18 daily direct flights.

Both airlines are committed to improving their services to facilitate the arrival of Barranquilla Carnival attendees and improve their travel experience. With measures such as the introduction of new rates and flexibility in baggage handling, these companies are adapting to the needs of a diverse public seeking to participate in the largest cultural festival in the Colombian Caribbean.

The economic impact of the Barranquilla Carnival is significant, with an estimated $600,000 million to be mobilized during the days of festivities. This will energize transportation, accommodation, restaurants, bars, beauty salons, event organization, clothing, and commerce in general. The Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce also estimated an average individual expense of $1,540,000 to be made by national and foreign tourists who will be at the celebration.

The festivities also generate a significant number of formal and informal temporary jobs at the beginning of each year, even in parallel events to the festivities. An example of this is the “Emprende con Tumbao” fair, led by the queen of the Barranquilla Carnival, Melissa Cure, to boost the economy of the capital of the Atlantic. The fair is supported by various organizations and aims to benefit specific but very dynamic productive sectors, and the community in general.

The Barranquilla Carnival promises to be a memorable edition, with the Battle of Flowers and the efforts of the airlines to guarantee efficient and comfortable transportation. The party, which is of special importance for both locals and visitors, is supported by key sectors to ensure its success and the full enjoyment of its participants.

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