AI Advances with Ability to Discover New Smells

AI Advances with Ability to Discover New Smells

Osmo is developing AI to Create Smells of Future with No Allergens:

Osmo is a recent spin-off from Google that has been working on developing scents never before smelled. The creator, Alex Wiltschko, who is also a developer of AI for Google Research, has devoted his time to predicting the smells of the future. AI is in charge of developing aromatic molecules that can be used to make perfumes of the future, which will be safe, sustainable, renewable and free of allergens.

In a world with extensive variety of beauty products, manufacturers usually put in a lot of research to make their fragrances and lotions smell great. Osmo, with its AI powered scent creator, takes away the hassles of relying on natural resources for production of the perfume, and the need to harvest life. On the contrary, it will enable the creation of odors simply by modifying the molecules, making them biodegradable as well.

With the help of this AI, the perfumery industry is expected to receive a massive upgrade with new fragrances having the most curious smells. Moreover, it will help save up on natural resources and make products more environment-friendly than ever.

AI has no limits and starts with an idea and training. This is exactly what Osmo has pulled off – a scent creator helped by AI to create the perfumes of the future with no allergens.

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