Affordable Bronx Houses Auctioned for $495/Month


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In 2023, nearly 28,000 new homes were built in New York City, with nearly 8,000 of them being built in the Bronx. Adolfo Carrión, Commissioner of the Department of Urban Housing Development, stated this in a conversation with Univision 41. He acknowledged that the most important crisis facing the city is access to affordable housing.

According to Carrión, there are people who have been looking for economic opportunities for their families for decades. They come to New York City, start working, but struggle to stay in the city and create a future. The Bronx offers housing with rent as low as $495 a month. Carrión reported that there is currently an auction in The Bronx for housing, and for a single person, the monthly rent could be $495. He described this as a dream and emphasized that 8,000 homes were produced in the Bronx last year.

To apply for the home auction, individuals must visit the website, open an account, and complete the form. Carrión highlighted that they are maintaining an aggressive production of homes to fulfill the commitment made by Mayor Eric Adams. He stated that last year was a record year for home production and that they will continue to build more homes.

In 2023, housing rent in The Bronx increased by 7.91%, with the average rent standing at $2,391, making it the second county with the highest increase. The community in The Bronx is facing problems related to violence and lack of affordable housing. These issues are the most pressing for the residents of the area.

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