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Adviser to Zelensky Resigns Following Statement on Dnipro

Adviser to Zelensky Resigns Following Statement on Dnipro

Russia Missile Strike on Dnipro, Ukraine Leads to 44 Fatalities

On January 17, 2023 Russian Advisor Stanislav Arestovich has made unfortunate statements concerning the devastating Kh-22 missile strike on a residential building in the town of Dnipro in Ukraine.
The strike has now caused 44 fatalities, including four minors. The advisor suggested that the Ukrainian air defense forces were involved in shooting the missile down, however this was refuted by officials.

Arestovich subsequently apologised for his remarks and stated that he was ‘tired’ and had received misinformation from a former fighter in the air defense forces. Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy head of the President’s Office, reported that the rescue services had removed a lifeless child from the rubble which contributed to the number of fatalities. In addition to the 44 deaths, there were 79 injured from the attack, including 16 children, while 25 individuals remain missing.

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The mayor Borys Filatov made a terse Facebook message declaring the 44 fatalities. Furthermore, Arestovich indicated that he had written a letter of resignation in order to set an example of responsible behaviour. However, The “Ukrainska Pravda” portal has not yet confirmed whether he has presented the petition to the President’s Office and if it received approval.

The Russian missile strike on the town of Dnipro has left 44 dead and 79 injured. Even with rescue services, 25 remains unaccounted for. Stanislav Arestovich has resigned from his job as advisor due to this unfortunate incident.

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