Adventure in Nature: California man Robert Breton takes a leap of faith and moves into a treehouse in Hawaii


The Off-Grid Tarzan Living in His Self-Built Treehouse

California man, Robert Breton, quit his grocery store job and chose to build a two-story treehouse, entirely by himself, in the Hawaiian jungle. He aimed to live off-grid surrounded by nature and succeeded in achieving his dream lifestyle by producing 100% rainwater and home-grown food.

Breton bought the land for $29,850 and completed the two-year-long construction by building a 200-square-foot house with a functioning sink, a mini fridge, shelves, a loft used for sleeping and a futon. The treehouse has a 300-gallon tank that filters rainwater collected from the roof that Breton uses for drinking and bathing.

To power his house, Breton relies on two solar panels attached outside, that generate 400 watts of electricity sufficient for running the lights and other electronics in the house. He also pays $25 a month for his 4G wifi router, connecting the antennas that help access online content.

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Breton built two additional small houses on the property – a greenhouse that grows fruits and vegetables and an outhouse with a sink, washer, toilet, and shower that uses the collected rainwater.

Breton shares his lifestyle journey on social media platforms, and through his supplement company, he urges others to follow his footsteps and live off-grid like him. Many of his followers aspire to a similar lifestyle, commenting, “One day, that is gonna be me” and “I hope that one day I will be like you.”


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