Adding Multiple Stops to Your Route in Apple Maps for iOS

Maps Announces Easier Way to Create Route Stops

Apple’s mapping application, Maps, has started to become more and more like Google Maps as it strives to become the most-used app for users. Its new feature, allowing users to set multiple stops for their route, is sure to make navigation much easier.

The first step to creating route stops is to open the app and set a destination. After clicking the car button, which will provide the estimated travel time, select “add stop.” Users can then choose any destination or direction they want to go. They can move the order of the stops to their desired sequence as well.

Once all the stops are chosen, users can finally start their route. Maps will direct them to the first destination that was set as a stop, followed by the other points mentioned.

The new feature on Maps is sure to make it much easier for users to use the app and modify their route with different stops. It is an effective way to ensure the most efficient route, even with multiple stops.

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