Adapting to DTT Changes: Maintaining Access to All Channels


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On February 14, a big change is coming to the television experience in Spain. It’s the end of an era as television says goodbye to standard definition (SD) and embraces high definition (HD). This means that channels that don’t have an HD version will no longer be available on TV. This change not only improves the visual quality of TV content but also makes way for new technologies like 4K resolution and 5G networks.

But don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new HD TV. You can get a decoder, which is a device that converts broadcasts into HD so they can be viewed on older TVs. There are many options available, so it’s important to consider factors like compatibility with your current TV, your specific needs, and your budget.

It’s crucial to understand that this change will affect all TV users, whether they receive the signal through an antenna or satellite. For those with older TVs that can’t process HD channels, a tuner is a cost-effective solution. These devices are affordable and can be found in electronics stores or online. Look for tuners that are compatible with the DVB-T reception standard and can handle MPEG-4 streams.

Once you have the HD tuner, installation is simple. Just connect it to your TV and configure the channel list through an automatic search. This update allows you to continue enjoying TV programming with improved image quality, keeping up with the current audiovisual landscape. So, get ready for the big change on February 14 and make sure you’re prepared for the switch to HD TV.

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