Adamari Lopez Reunites with Toni Costa Amid Breakup Rumors


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Amid rumors and speculation about the alleged separation of Toni Costa from Evelyn Beltrán, Adamari López was questioned by a follower if she had resumed her relationship with the Spaniard, which ended in 2021.

The Puerto Rican presenter did a ‘live’ with her friend and partner Chiquibaby, with whom she has the YouTube channel ‘Ada y Chiqui de Show’. One of the users directly asked the actress if she had returned to her daughter’s father.

Did Adamari López return to Toni Costa? Without a doubt, the host of Who Will Fall?, a program that airs on Unimás from Monday to Friday at 7P/6C, answered the Internet user’s question. “They ask me if I returned with Toni,” López read. “No, I didn’t come back,” she made it clear.

Chiquibaby joked and added: “But she’s coming back.” Adamari did not take long to refuse her friend’s comment: “No, neither. To share with him as Alaïa’s father, like sharing with our daughter, yes, but not with the rest,” she clarified.

Would Adamari López return to an ex? “I have said on many other occasions, the answer is no,” he was honest. Although Chiquibaby thinks the same, he pointed out that they cannot guarantee that this can never happen.

“Me too, I am of the opinion that if a plate breaks, it breaks and is to hit him with KolaLoka, it’s not the same anymore. But, look, they also say that you should never say that I won’t drink this water.” Adamari replied: “Of course, of course, but as long as I remember the things that happened… Because I know what happens is that sometimes you break up with couples and you didn’t do the necessary reflection to be able to turn the page and then you want to go back to the same place, you don’t want to go back to the same place because we would be two different people, we are no longer the same. same people,” she stated in the conversation with her friend.

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