Actress Who Worked on “CSI Miami” with David Caruso Passes Away

**Tragic Death of CSI Miami Actor Lisa Sheridan Remains Unforgettable**

The world was left mourning in 2019 when actress Lisa Sheridan, known for her iconic roles in the well-known TV series CSI Miami and The Mentalist, was sadly found dead in her apartment at the age of 44 due to complications from a long-standing illness and medicines she was taking. The death of this highly-praised actress drew sympathy and great sadness in countless viewers who identified with her characters on both shows, especially in CSI Miami.

Not only had fans of the crime series seen her in various roles in the franchise, but she had part of the most iconic episodes in the series. Namely, her portrayal of Kathleen Newberry in the episode Dangerous Son, when she is kidnapped by the lost son of Horatio Caine (David Caruso). As well as chapter 13, where her character meets an unfortunate end.

Known for her brilliant energy and immense talent in memorable performances, filmmakers, co-actors and friends paid various tributes to her shortly after her untimely death. Michael Dunaway, a friend of Sheridan’s, paid special attention to her brilliance, describing her as a “wonderful friend who radiated brilliant energy and life.”

Additionally, producers behind some of the roles Sheridan took part in, namely NCIS, were hoping to also feature her in their cast. Of course, these plans were all set aside given the sad news that echoed around the world and that left a huge gap within the entertainment industry after her ambitious and memorable performances.

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