Actress Shaye Turned Heads Following Her “Game of Thrones” Exit

Sibel Kekilli: The Transformation Of Shae In “Game Of Thrones”
10 years after participating in the hit HBO fantasy drama, Game of Thrones, the German actress Sibel Kekilli looks very different from her iconic character, Shae.

Game of Thrones, which premiered on TV back in 2011, was an epic fantasy drama based on the saga of novels by author and creator of the universe set in Westeros, George RR Martin. It ran for 8 seasons and drew in numerous fans around the world who stayed captivated till the controversial end in 2019.

This show was full to the brim with betrayals, violence, war and deaths, as well as a great selection of main, secondary, and recurring characters, one of whom was Shae. She first appeared in Season 1 as a young and beautiful prostitute in the camp who developed a relationship with Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage). Later she became Sansa Stark’s confidante.

Kekilli’s Shae character was unfortunately killed by Tyrion in Season 4, but the German actress gained international acclaim after her work in Game of Thrones. She then starred in multiple award winning films such as ‘Against the Wall’ and ‘When We Leave’.

However, after a decade since her memorable time in the HBO series, Kekilli looks quite different nowadays and keeps her natural beauty at the same time. She is active on the social networks, where she is still adored by fans and followers.

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