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Saúl Lisazo is making a comeback after rumors of retirement. The Argentine actor will be returning to Mexican soap operas after a 21-year absence with the telenovela ‘Marea de Pasiones’. Lisazo recently appeared at the Televisa San Ángel facilities, where he shared what motivated his return to Mexican melodramas.

The 67-year-old actor explained that while he has continued acting in the United States, he hasn’t worked with Televisa for 21 years. Lisazo revealed that with his children Paula and Martín now studying and living away from home, he felt it was time to return to Mexican soap operas. “First because he hadn’t been working for a long time. My children have already left home, they are already studying, so, at home you get bored and you have to do something,” he confessed.

Lisazo expressed his excitement about reuniting with fellow actors like Alejandro Camacho, Blanca Guerra, and Alejandro Ibarra as they begin filming ‘Marea de Pasiones’. He likened it to coming home and reuniting with friends.

Despite taking a break from acting between 2015 and 2017 to focus on his family and venture into the restaurant industry with his restaurant Piantao in Mexico City, Lisazo’s return to television has dispelled rumors of retirement. He has also been involved in a Disney series and now ‘Marea de Pasiones’.

On a personal note, Lisazo is a father to Paula and Martín from his marriage to Mónica Viedman.

In conclusion, Saúl Lisazo’s return to Mexican soap operas with ‘Marea de Pasiones’ marks a significant moment in his career after a long absence. His decision to return was influenced by a combination of personal and professional factors, and he is looking forward to reuniting with old friends and colleagues on set.

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