Actor Eduin Caz Reveals Troubling News With Visible Injuries

Eduin Caz cancelling concert due to face surgery

Eduin Caz, the singer of “Ya supérame”, surprised his fans when he revealed on January 13 that he had undergone surgery, forcing him to cancel his upcoming concert in February.

Having taken a break from his usual posts on social networks that his fans are used to, Caz appeared embarrassed when he made the news public on the afternoon of the 13th, leaving many surprised and uncertain to what had happened.

The Latin singer did not give out any further details and his fans will have to wait for him to reclaim the stage. But before that, we invite his fans to enjoy with ViX: unlimited entertainment with more than 100 channels, totally free and in Spanish. Movies, series, soap operas, sports and thousands of hours of content in your language await.

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