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Activists from Around the World to Found the Feminist International

Feminist leaders and activists from all over the world will meet in the Mexican capital at the end of March to establish the “Feminist International”. According to Verónica García, one of the organizers of the event, the meeting will establish “a space for discussion and construction that meets the specific needs of our time and reality”. The Feminist International aims to fight against capitalist patriarchy in a coordinated and international fashion, though it has the support of only 50 women leaders and politicians from thirty countries in Latin America, Europe, and Asia, including India, Bangladesh, and Palestine.

The event is taking place at a time when the world is facing a multitude of crises, including political, social, health, food, and environmental, according to the call published. Feminism is viewed as a societal project that can offer responses to the challenges facing the world today by improving living conditions and the relationship between humanity and the planet. This event is seen as an invitation to rethink how decisions have historically been made, and a way of questioning the hierarchical androcentric and masculine power development structures that dominate public space and politics today.

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The Feminist International initiative strives to build a collective and international organization to promote a common agenda for equality and lives free of sexist violence, and maintains the importance of maintaining cross-border relations to learn from achievements, experiences, and resistance at a global level. The initiative seeks to draw feminist activists from around the world to offer responses collectively to the adverse situation that exists.

The battles that women have to fight are hard, but they become much more difficult when we feel alone. As Laura Franco, a Venezuelan lawyer and defender of women’s human rights and activist, said, “the key is to feel that our pains are shared, and that we can overcome the dispersion” by collectively establishing a platform that can make a difference.

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Through this gathering, they aim to design a space for discussion and construction that meets the specific needs of our time and reality. It is hoped that the meeting will lead to the creation of a feminist agenda throughout the world that addresses the pressing issues of our times that continue to marginalize women in many ways. By working together, these activists hope to create a sustainable and more equitable world where women are treated fairly and have the same opportunities as men.

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