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Absolute happiness among Mercadona customers: this product returns after several months

Many have been the months in which Mercadona has left its “Bosses” without one of the best-selling products, which, in addition to being used for all kinds of dishes, is full of benefits. A product that is finally back as the supermarkets of Juan Roig have confirmed in social networks, so that absolute happiness reigns among Mercadona customers. Find out what product we are talking about and what had happened to it for it to be withdrawn months ago.

Happiness among Mercadona customers for the return of this product

After almost a year since it was withdrawn, Mercadona has finally recovered one of its best-selling products: wheat semolina. This is a product from his rice, legumes and pasta section, for which many of his “Bosses” asked on social networks and it is now that he has explained that he has finally brought it back and that the reason it was withdrawn was that they have improved their packaging.

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Specifically, the Mercadona Twitter account has explained that They have changed the container that was previously made of plastic for one that is made of paperso that we can finally have wheat semolina available again and in a much more ecological container.

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Thanks to the wheat semolina that they sell in Mercadona, you can prepare all kinds of culinary preparations such as Boiled semolina, couscous, puddings, cakes and porridge. This makes it a versatile ingredient that is easy to incorporate into different dishes.

In addition, it is full of benefits since wheat semolina It is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, that provide lasting energy. so it is especially beneficial for people who lead an active lifestyle or play sports.

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also has a high proteinimportant for building and repairing tissues in the body and is rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Iron is essential for red blood cell production and oxygen transport, while magnesium and phosphorus play crucial roles in bone health.

Finally, wheat semolina contains dietary fiber, which is beneficial for digestive health. Fiber helps maintain a healthy digestive system, promotes bowel regularity, and can contribute to feelings of fullness.

So don’t hesitate and buy an essential product in the Mercadona shopping cart again. Like before, It is sold in a package of 500 grams and the price is 1.60 euros.

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