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Abortion at age 15 permissible without parental permission

Denmark has made a significant move by announcing that teenagers aged 15 to 17 years old can now access abortion without their parent’s permission. The country’s coalition government has decided to lower the age limit from 18 to allow teenage girls to terminate their pregnancies, on the day that marks the 50th anniversary of abortion decriminalization. Liberal Minister for Equality, Marie Bjerre, explained that this change has been put in place as the legal age for sexual relations and treatment consent is already 15 years old.

Although terminating a pregnancy is not an easy choice, Bjerre stated it is essential that young women find support from those around them. They should look to trusted people such as friends, family, and teachers in situations where they require support. She also emphasized that it is a significant decision and is the woman’s choice since it’s about her life and body.

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Denmark has not changed the age limit for terminating a pregnancy without parental consent since 1973 when free abortion up to 12 weeks of gestation was introduced. This move by the government is a landmark decision that ensures teenagers have access to abortion services provided by healthcare professionals, and it is a step towards upholding women’s reproductive rights.

This decision comes at a time when several countries are attempting to restrict women’s access to abortion services and limit their reproductive rights. With this announcement, Denmark has marked its presence as a progressive country and sent a message to the world on the importance of respecting women’s reproductive rights.

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In conclusion, the decision taken by Denmark’s coalition government to lower the age limit to allow teenagers aged 15 to 17 years old access to abortion services is a significant move. It is an important step in safeguarding women’s reproductive rights and ensuring that they have the autonomy to make choices about their bodies and lives. This landmark decision showcases Denmark’s commitment to progressivism, and it sends a message to the world on the importance of respecting women’s rights and autonomy.

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