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Aberchán’s cynicism: he demands observers in Melilla when he is the one convicted of buying votes

about Mustafa Aberchan borders on the joke Despite being the condemned one and his party -Coalition for Melilla (CPM)- the suspect of buying votes, has taken this Friday and has asked that this Sunday be international observers and even the presence of Ombudsman in the municipal and regional elections of May 28 in the city, after the events of the vote by mail that have ended this week with the arrest of ten people, among them those of a government adviser from his party and even his own son-in-law.

In statements to the media, Mustafa Aberchan He has assured that “they have proof of vote buying” and also of an attempt to “criminalize from the State a political party such as CPM», reason why they have claimed the protection of the commission and the European Parliamenthe European Ombudsmanthe Office for Democratic Institutions of Human Rights of the Organization for Securitythe European Cooperation (OSCE) and the Ombudsman of Spain. And not. It is not a joke.

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In the opinion of aberchánwho in these elections has not been able to compete as number one of CPM to be disqualified by the vote-by-mail case of 2008«the most recent elections are being held scandalous in the history of our people’s democracy.”

He cepemista He stressed that “I am not mistaken if I say that they are the worst elections in transparency and in violation of fundamental rights” by indicating that “we are facing a staging where a party has been criminalized and an attempt is being made to carry out a coup in democracy”.

For this reason, he has claimed national and international observers because he assures that “we want a process where all those who vote have obviously identified themselves and where voting by mail is investigated to its final consequences.”

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Mustafa Aberchan has remembered that CPM It has been the first party to request the annulment of the elections “because we have clear proof of vote buying: we have given reliable and public evidence”

In this regard, he has denounced the attempts to criminalize his formation. “From sources of CNI there have been conspiracy theories Morocco, jihadism, islamists and everything that comes after, and all this is the consequence of a very dirty, very dirty campaign by the same actors as always”, without specifying who he is referring to.

Finally, he stressed that “we have been the only party that has communicated that, regardless of the result of May 28, it will contest the elections because there is already content for it, that we are going to hire some specialist and criminal lawyers to supervise all the action within the current legality and we are going to request the presence of observers “, both national and international for these elections in which they will elect 25 deputies of the Assembly.

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CPM is the majority force in the government of Melilla (eight deputies) and shared by the Executive with the PSOE (four) and a former deputy from citizens (Eduardo de Castro, elected president of the City in 2019), facing an opposition made up of ten deputies from the PPone of Vox and a non-attached deputy who was elected on the party lists of Santiago Abascal and he rejected the request that he was made to deliver his minutes to the formation.

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