A Show of Support from The World

A Show of Support from The World

Germany Sends Leopard Tanks to Ukraine, Minister Pledges More Equipment Support

On Wednesday, 02.01.2023, Germany sent 14 Leopard tanks to Ukraine in a gesture that is a “bitter loss” for the German army, according to German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius who visited the 23rd Battalion at the Field Marshal Rommel barracks in Augustdorf to deliver the mission.

“Two hearts beat in my chest,” Pistorius declared, emphasizing the obligation of German soldiers to simultaneously support the needs of their army and those of Ukraine. His goal is for “Ukraine to win the war,” Pistorius proclaimed.

Ukrainian soldiers will soon begin accelerated training of the German-made battle tanks, although the training of German soldiers usually takes six weeks, three months and three years respectively.

With 320 Leopard 2s currently in service, the replacement of these tanks will take a while and thus, Pistorius made a pledge to fast-track the ordering of new tanks.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine last year shifted Germany’s strategic doctrine and made it a priority to equip its own army with the “best equipped armed forces in Europe”, Pistorius noted. The move is seen as a major step forward in the efforts towards equipping Ukraine in order to counter Russian aggression.

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