A Reflection on Modern-Day Social Issues Through Animation

Odd Taxi: An Essential Anime for Yakuza Fans

Odd Taxi is an essential anime for Yakuza fans, combining the franchise’s narrative packaging with a mix of implausible content that deals rigorously with topics relevant to Generation Z. Kazuya Konomoto’s work follows taxi driver Hiroshi Odokawa, taking in lives and perspectives from the rearview mirror over thirteen episodes.

The comparison with the Yakuza franchise is also reflected in its story arcs, which could easily fit as side stories of the upcoming game “Like a Dragon”. With its simple premise, the anime covers topics like assimilation of social networks as a second life, the gacha or lootbox risk, and how to confront failure.

Odd Taxi is easy to empathize with, overflowing with personality and filled with twists and turns. Broaden your horizons and give it a watch–you’ll find the thirteen episodes on Crunchyroll, accessible through web browsers, Smart TVs, consoles, and mobile devices.

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