A Guide to the AEMET’s Weather Warnings Portal

AEMET Launches National Alert Network Viewer Website to See Real-time Alerts and Warnings

The Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has launched a website for the National Alert Network (RAN), a real-time alert and warning system for citizens of Spain. This website will allow citizens to be made aware of dangerous weather phenomena and different environmental disasters.

The website is in beta phase, but it is completely accessible and easy to use. It provides a detailed map showing warnings and alerts related to earthquakes, heavy rains, coastal phenomena, snow accumulation, and strong winds. The website also provides a summary feature showing the general situation, as well as options to select interests.

Additionally, users can select their region – if they are in the Canary Islands, they can view an enlarged map of their area in order to have a more detailed outlook. Lastly, the website provides information on different level of danger by separating alerts through color codes: Red (Extreme), Orange (Important), and Yellow (for specific activities).

This website is designed to serve as a free, convenient source of information and accessibility to alerts, offering citizens easy access to stay informed and prepared for anything that may come.

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