A frame debunks famous LOTR fan theory


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The Lord of the Rings film trilogy by Peter Jackson has some of the most memorable characters in cinematic history. The extended versions of the three films give us plenty of time to get attached to the main characters. However, it’s important to remember that the characters take different paths after leaving Rivendell.

Frodo and Sam set out on their trek to Mordor at the end of the first film and do not rejoin the group until the end of The Return of the King, at Elron’s house. Some characters’ paths only cross in the time between leaving Rivendell and the ambush on the shores of Rauros. This leads to the surreal theory that Frodo does not even know Legolas’s name.

The theory arises from Frodo’s reaction when his companions visit him in Rivendell after throwing the ring into Mount Doom. With an emotional musical montage, Frodo receives the members of the Fellowship one by one, while saying his name full of joy. He utters all but Legolas’s, with which he only shares a glance.

However, there is a frame in the film that throws this theory overboard. In The Return of the King, at the end, Frodo finishes writing his story, complemented by his uncle Bilbo’s “Departure and Return”. Frodo’s story is titled “The Lord of the Rings”, and on one of the pages we clearly see how Legolas’s name is written.

The only direct interaction Legolas and Frodo have in the films is when the elf tells him “count on my bow” at the Council of Elron. In the extended versions, they have a couple more encounters, although it is never a direct conversation. In the forest of Lothlorien, Legolas translates the songs of the elves, stating that it is a lament for Gandalf, presumably dead after what happened in Moria. Frodo looks at him, but says nothing.

The theory was one of the most widespread, but we now have an answer. Frodo ends his adventure knowing who Legolas is. Whether he knew it on the way to Mordor…that’s a mystery. The characters in The Lord of the Rings have captivated audiences for years, and the unique relationships between them continue to be a topic of discussion and fascination for fans.

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