10 Games You Can Cross-Buy Between PS4 and PS VR2 on Launch Day

More Games For Less Money In PlayStation VR2 Launch
Sony’s PlayStation VR2 is set to make its way into the virtual reality space on February 22 and the Japanese firm has come forward with the news that many of their titles available for the original PlayStation VR can be upgraded for the incoming device at no extra cost. With the single payment to acquire these titles, users will be granted with both versions – original and next-gen.

Top 10 Titles To Look Out For In Launch Window
Pistol Whip, Gran Turismo 7, NFL Pro Era, Puzzling Places, Job Simulator, Resident Evil Village, Synth Riders, Zenith: The Last City, The Last Brigade, No Man’s Sky are some of the top 10 titles that users can expect to avail in the launch window.

Each game has been specifically designed to introduce a new level of immersive gameplay to virtual reality users. In Pistol Whip, players need to put their rhythm and coordination to the test, while NFL Pro Era allows one to assume the role of Quarterback and call plans. Puzzling Places is a puzzle-filled adventure, while Job Simulator will let users do exactly what it implies while also exploring their virtual environment. Resident Evil Village, Synth Riders and The Last Brigade individually focus on intense action and RPG elements.

The native PS VR2 versions of the 10 titles above will be given away for free to those who have previously purchased their original versions on PlayStation VR.

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