French PS: Faure Wins Contested Internal Vote

Olivier Faure Announces Himself as the Winner of PS Internal Election

Olivier Faure declared himself as the winner of the internal election of the Socialist Party (PS) after his rival Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol also declared his victory.

According to a statement issued by the party, Faure obtained 12,076 votes in total, which is 50.83% of the total votes while the Rouen mayor, Mayer-Rossignol was left with 49.17%, with 11,683 votes – after 90% of the overall votes had been counted.

The final results would be proclaimed once the delegates are pronounced at the Marseille Congress, scheduled to be held from January 27 to 29.

Faure sent out a video message from the e-mail address of the PS and thanked the affiliates for their support, adding that this would serve as a go-ahead to his alliance strategy in the left-wing NUPES coalition led by La Francia Insumisa (LFI).

Mayer-Rossignol also issued a statement insisting that he is the winner with ‘at least 50.5%’ of the votes, and raised questions of “serious and manifest irregularities” and called for a conciliation commission to validate the ballots.

The primary disagreement between the two suitors was regarding PS’ integration strategy in the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (NUPES).

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