9-Year-Old Girl Discovers Massive Megalodon Tooth Through Paleontology Passion

9-Year-Old Makes Incredible Discovery of Megalodon Tooth on Maryland Beach

Molly Sampson, a 9-year-old girl with a passion for fossils and shark teeth, made a unique discovery – the huge tooth of an ancient Otodus megalodon. Molly received fishing waders as a Christmas gift and went to the Scientists Cliffs with her family. It was at an unusually low tide that she found the 15-centimeter long fossil on the beach.

Stephen Godfrey, a paleontologist, confirmed that the tooth belonged to a species of giant shark that measured up to 20 meters in length and stalked the seas about 23 million years ago. The finding of this megalodon tooth was described as a “once-in-a-lifetime discovery”. Molly had already found more than 400 shark teeth prior to this find, including 6 from a megalodon, but none as big as this one.

Molly’s mother Alicia shared that “My husband literally dreams of finding teeth like Molly found”. Molly hopes to dedicate herself to paleontology when she grows up, and her mother said that this experience had “proven her right”.

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