80% of Chinese Population May Have Already Been Infected with COVID-19

China estimates 80 percent of population has already contracted Covid-19

China’s chief epidemiologist Wu Zunyou of the country’s Center for Control and Prevention estimated on Saturday that 80% of the population has already contracted COVID-19 in the wave of infections after the dismantling of the national zero-tolerance policy against the virus.

This puts the number of cases at 1,129.4 million, exceeding the earlier estimate of 900 million infections by the Peking University study till January 11.

Wu stated in a Weibo message on Saturday that the risk of a second wave of infections occurring in the next two or three months is “very small”. However, the risk may increase due to the 5 billion displacements expected in the first Lunar New Year without anti-Covid restrictions.

China’s 73,000 Covid-19 related deaths in hospitals between December 8 and January 19 contrast with estimates of the British health sector analysis company Airfinity that spoke of 36,000 deaths in the span of the Lunar New Year holidays – between January 21 to 27.

The nation began reducing the category A – maximum level of danger – to B in early December, thus ending the ‘Zero Covid’ strategy.

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