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The 46th Dakar Rally is coming to an end in Yanbu, and the drivers are in for a challenging stage. The eleventh stage will cover 420 kilometers, and it’s a rocky terrain that has caused nightmares for many teams in the past. The area is known for its sharp stones that can easily puncture tires, making it a difficult and unpredictable stage.

Audi has been preparing for this stage for a long time, knowing that it could be a deciding factor in the rally. They tested their vehicles in the area and found that the chances of puncture are high, with stones sticking to the tires like knives. The team leader, Sven Quandt, has a box of stones in his office to remind him of the importance of this day.

The stage has become an obsession for Audi, and they are well aware that luck will play a significant role. The team has developed a plan to have two cars behind Sainz to support him and increase their chances of success. However, they also know that luck will be a deciding factor, and it’s not something that can be controlled.

The tire supplier, BF Goodrich, developed a new tire for this edition of the Dakar Rally, but tests have shown that it hasn’t helped much. The stones in the area stick to the tread like knives, making it difficult to avoid punctures. The speed of the vehicles also doesn’t make much of a difference, as the sharp stones can cause damage regardless.

The stage 11 of the Dakar Rally is the last obstacle in Sainz’s path, and it’s a challenging one. The team is hoping for luck to be on their side as they face the unpredictable terrain. The stage is known for being a rock trap, and it’s a test of skill, strategy, and luck for all the teams involved.

As the rally comes to an end, the teams are preparing for the final challenge, knowing that the stage could be decisive. The rocky terrain and sharp stones make it a difficult and unpredictable stage, and luck will play a significant role in determining the outcome. The teams are hoping for the best as they face the last obstacle in the 46th Dakar Rally.

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