8 Migrants Found Dead, 40 Rescued From Ship Near Italy Island

8 Migrants Found Dead, 40 Rescued From Ship Near Italy Island

A heartbreaking tragedy intensified after reports said eight people were found dead while 42 survivors were rescued off the coast of Italy’s Lampedusa island.

The survivors, whose age and nationality are yet to be revealed, were reportedly discovered by the Italian coast guard, who was on a routine patrol near the island.

“The Italian coast guard will continue to maintain a presence in the area to guarantee safety,” authorities said in a statement.

The news of this tragedy has sent shockwaves through the local community as they mourn the deceased and pray for the safety of those rescued.

In the last few years, Italy has seen an unprecedented influx of migrants trying to flee poverty and violence in other countries.

Although tragedies such as this one are unfortunately common in the Mediterranean Sea, the search and rescue teams continue to do their best to ensure the safety of migrants.

Aid organizations in the region are also providing assistance to the rescued migrants and calling on members of the international community to cooperate and end this human tragedy.

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